Thursday, February 01, 2007

I Don't Care About Your Apathy

Okay, are we clear about what fighting for democracy means? Is it freedom or moral justice for other countries while dismissing the needs of our own people? Yawn.
Old story, I'll move on. Allow me to modify the perspective. Screw the bleeding hearts. It's about power. We all know it. Keeping pedal to the metal on the foreFATHERS' WHITE-MANifestos, careening toward eugenic fruition at all costs! Okay, oil. Keep firmly revving the LandBruisers and plastic HumJobs. It's embarrassing; please don't affix vinyl sentiments any further left than Ted Nugent's on those behemoths.

The enemies faced as we "fight for our way of life?" - A ceaseless assault of 'terror' from 'foreigners', hating us cuz we're Christians with badass weapons 'n'sh*t? Nebulous threats of God (and apparently only Dick Cheney, BioMedtronics and Pat Robertson) knows what - on Americans, who exist in anything but genuinely United States?
Maybe, but once the world is "under control" in the name of "liberty", we gotta deal with domestic terrorism! Druggie ECO-Hippie GreenArchists gumming up the works. How are we supposed to get clean drinking water if not from melting glaciers? What's the big deal? Don't those environ-mental cases believe in evolution? Besides, polar bears and penguins will always be immortalized by Walt Disney Studios and popular zoological parks.

Do you know what really terrorizes this country? High School seniors who don't know why the Civil War began, where it was fought, or who won it.

Isabel Scott
Taos resident with the dubious distinction of being both a Daughter of the American Revolution and the Confederacy.


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