Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just a Spoonful of Sugar…

My friend Leonardo from school has lots and lots of the biggest imagination ever. Sometimes his imaginations are a little scary and he won't stop jumping up and down or making zoom zoom noises for a long time. He is very funny and most of the kids are his friends even when he gets extra mad for a few seconds and then falls asleep in the middle of the playground. (he NEVER sleeps at nap time)

He does art during snack time, plays kamikaze pilot during story time, sleeps at recess and sings all during the teacher's good morning lesson plan time. He is smarter than anybody. He can always figure out new ways to build a fort or tell the same old story so it's never boring. He gets bad marks on his work papers because he writes backwards. He also writes secret messages with numbers but no one can read them except him and he says the messages are "topological maps of alternate dimensional realities" but I don't know what that is. Maybe it's something you learn in second grade.

Last week during parents' visit the teacher talked to his for a long time in private.
This week he had a special "desert" to eat that no one else got. It was a little yogurt cup with a funny label and we were all kind of mad that he got extra snacks and that he wasn't allowed to share.

For the past couple of days, Leonardo's imagination hasn't been so big. He sleeps really well at nap time. He started a new game during good morning time, and he plays it all day long. I think he calls it "chemical warfare". He took a sponge from the art cubby and the teacher gave him a little spray bottle. He cleans the underside of the tables and chairs really fast and when he finishes he starts all over again.

He hasn't been writing any secret messages. He doesn't sing anymore, unless you count that weird little quiet humming noise. I asked him if he wanted to build a fort or draw or something, but all he could do was stare at the underside of the chair and scrub away, saying " busy, busy, busy". It was kinda creepy. But it's worse sad. He doesn't care if the same old story is boring anymore. But the teacher is very pleased, because now, she says, we can all finally pay attention to it.

"Life is flowers, Love is water, God is good dirt." - LuLu, age 5


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