Friday, April 25, 2008

sleep yourself smart

Re: A real Superman

The future of men's minds is known to their superconscious, and reflected from it into their conscious, usually without making any impression upon the brain at all. In the same way the memory of the past development of the human mind is stored in the subconscious.

So long as man remains pre-eminently human man he has to rely for his knowledge upon memory, that is to say the facts that are imprinted upon his physical brain since birth. His knowledge therefor, consists of a mass of facts, statements and ideas communicated to him through other human beings.

As soon as he is able to contact for himself, through concentration, meditation or comtemplation, either deliberate or involuntary, higher dimensions then that of the physical he begins to obtain first-hand information.

He obtains this information in a realm not constricted to words, nor conditioned by time.

This means he can learn information instantaneously, and eventually upon any subject. This means that memory, as we know it, is no longer necessary ! Men will come to realise that instead of having their brains packed with an assortment of facts which they may or may not need, it is better to train the powers of the mind, to develop concentraion and one pointedness ( or the power of tuning up to a certain viberation and sounding it forth steadily for as long as desired, thus contacting everything of affinity with it ) so that they can at any time contact instantaneously knowledge which they definitely require

This may sound a fantastic accomplishment. But man does it at the present time.
Only so far he can tune in merely to those viberations which are already imprinted upon his brain. Someone says'-cornfeild-', for instance. The word sounds its viberation, or number, and the tuning fork in his brain responds by pouring forth in a flood of 'memory' all which was impressed upon it under that particular viberation. Enough to fill a book may be rapidly called forth. where does it all come from ?

However, in this case men will learn nothing new about -cornfeild- he will only mentally reiterate facts that have been stored. whereas if, to set up a certain viberation and hold it poised long enough, he will be able to draw to him (which is a positive not a receptive action) much knowledge which is new to him.

This practice will constitue a large part of men's future mental training, and will take the place of memory. This is one of the foundamental differences between the mind of the future and that of today. Memory will gradually come to be considered as a primitive attribute used by the masses, while intelligentsia employ a less cumbersome road to knowledge.

Eventually, knowledge through meditation will come to be the universal method.


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