Tuesday, May 01, 2007

jeff, you ignorant boor!

Not all Taose-os are ‘ignorant boors’
I was upset recently when I read the Albuquerque Journal North article about the “icy treatment” Donald Rumsfeld has been subjected to at Taos Ski Valley by a couple of boorish, discourteous people. I became even more upset this morning when I read the five letters in the editorial page of the March 28 Journal North.
The writers don’t just chastise the rude characters who were responsible, but blame the entire town of Taos for a “lack of tolerance” saying Taos could “use some manners,” etc.
Taos is full of well-bred, decent citizens who don’t treat their fellow residents, part time or otherwise, in a rude or impolite manner such as the rantings of one Jeff Conant.
Who does he write for anyway? Please don’t categorize us all as ignorant boors.
Regardless of how one feels about a person, it is not proper nor civilized to insult them in public.
El Prado


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