Thursday, February 01, 2007

Americans, not who we used to be.

Americans are no longer considered rugged individuals, fearless pioneers, or even “free.” Thanks to the “ugly American” caricature, and the marauding tendencies of self-interested “leaders,” we are now famous worldwide as a society of whiny, angry, finger pointing victims. Lawsuits are preferable to accountability, and semantics equate tangible results. The fact is, as a nation, we’re embarrassingly over weight, under educated, and miserable in our excesses. When faced with the consequences of ignorance puritans are notoriously defensive.

Doesn’t it feel just a little dicey to be complaining about losing inalienable rights to an oppressive government while living in the shadow of the Pueblo and alongside people whose families were here long before we had a constitution to protect? How do “we the (rest of the) people” begin to reclaim our individual sovereignty and create solidarity? Just like that. Humbly acknowledge the difficult truths. Then, with heartfelt gratitude and a deep sigh at the irony of it all, we can pass the Thanksgiving turkey.

My ancestors were at war with each other. That doesn’t mean I have to be at war with myself. If we don’t choose to be at peace, free and bravely at home in our own skins, “visualizing” world peace is a ridiculous waste of time. Just as ridiculous as the idea that a government can provide anything that it doesn’t inherently possess, for instance, integrity, morality or personal security. Only “we the people” have the option to exercise those qualities on a momentary basis, one person at a time.


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